S. Jean

My name is S. Jean (they/she), though most people know me online as Ronove. I am a queer writer, artist, and game developer rolled into one!

Recent Projects

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If you like my art and want something done, I do commissions!CURRENTLY OPEN

If interested, either send me an e-mail with what you'd like at [email protected] or please fill out form linked below (I prefer the form, but whichever is convenient for you).


TypePrice (USD)
Bust$35 +
Half Body$70 +
Full Body$100 +
Chibi Body$40 +
B&W Chapter Image$20 +

Full Color Illustration
E-mail me with the
details and we'll
determine a price.

Payment via PAYPAL Invoice only!Commercial and larger projects are OK!
(commercial is +30% of total price)
You may NOT use my art for NFTs, AI training, or anything similar.I will NOT do NSFW, mecha, furries, gore, complex armor designs, or complicated backgrounds. I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason.Once finished, commissions are non-refundable.Questions? Feel free to reach me at [email protected]


More art examples can be found here!